June 1, 2017
By , lowell, MA

Music lifts my soul when its sorrow sometimes it makes me feel lower than i am but at times it helps me forget the bad things right then and now it's my cure when i'm down in a ditch the beat is hard to resist at times and when i dance it takes me to another dimension where no sorrows and sadness exists where it's happy and exciting when i put my headphones on my head  some people may not agree to this because you might just think it's only music if you just let the music set you free and let its musical frequency take you away as if you're letting the wave from the beach take you away in its current it could shop you away to a calmness and might even help you clear your mind and redeem your troubles away that's my opinion on music i think it expresses our person within or our soul that is not visible the the eye it's a light that shines bright and opens a door through us that helps us show the real us within that we don't show in local even though we may not know it we show our real selves when music is on i think  this is my opinion you others may not but i'm not gonna judge because we all have our own thoughts.

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