Help Save The World

June 1, 2017
By ChazProels BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Oh, Ohio
ChazProels BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Oh, Ohio
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The grass
The fresh air that awaits you every time you step foot outside
The rough, strong, brown trees waving in the wind
The joy of kicking a soccer ball into the net while getting the pleasant burn on your neck from the scorching hot sun
The slimy, sticky earthworms making their way through the rough, wet soil
The clouds progressing their way through an endless sea of blue
The new-born birds chirping for their mother to bring back a buffet of delicious worms and insects
The people that suddenly have the chance to impact such a wonderful place
The people that change it into a horrific, disastrous place where animals are trying to survive in their own home
The place that they spend hours and hours a day making
All going to waste
The fawn that is trying to Help save her bunnies from the heavy piece of metal digging them up
The dog that once could have been Saved if the drunk driver had not driven his car
The tree that is being cut down, destroying great amounts of species and beauty, just to turn into paper
The harmful gases that are being emitted into the air, destroying the World every second of your life

The author's comments:

It was written to show how bad people are treating this world and how we can stop.

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