A Day to Remember

June 1, 2017
By Jackkattackk SILVER, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Jackkattackk SILVER, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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It is her wedding day.
Nervous, excitement, doubts, and love
Are all what I expect she is feeling.
Her father stood stands next to her,
Strong and stable,
In this time of mixed emotions.
Little does she know
That she will later have a daughter
And name her after the father she loves so dearly.
A name I am proud to bear.
Little does she know
That her time with her father
Is starting to tick away.
The heartache that will come along
When he gets sick,
Can no longer move,
Can no longer eat,
Will almost break her.
But she will be thankful
That he lives long enough
To become a grandfather
And guide the child that bears his name
Through the first part of her life.
But all that is in the future
Let her be happy on her wedding day

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