Chicago Pride

May 31, 2017
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Chicago is nowhere near Wilmette. 
It’s not Lake Villa, Lake Forest, not Lake Bluff, Lake Zurich, Lake in the Hills or anything else that starts with lake to be honest.
Antioch is so far away and I do not have the patience to let you say,
that you live where I do.

They act as if our city is their own,
The wear it with pride not dealing with the disaster zones.
They are different from us no matter what anyone thinks. 

I live on the North side.
Amidst the action of the Cubs.
Truthfully, I’m thankful for not being plagued with blood.
I live in wrigley, here it’s not too windy.
But I still live in this complex and much debated city.

I’m honored, I’m ashamed, and occasionally I’m respected.
I know the suburbs, I go there quite often.
It’s simple and safe and familiar.
I’m comforted by the energy of the city, but I still carry mace.

Suburban friends are scared
To drive anywhere south of da Bears.
Their houses can’t compare,
There are only so many lots in Chicago we can spare.

If you visit the Bean, the Hancock, and the Sears tower
Please just go back to the Eisenhower.
Kids playing basketball against their garages in the alley,
Crowds gathering on the streets for the Gay pride rally.
Bikinis and volleyball on the North avenue beach,
These are activities that go beyond suburban reach.

I swear, I’m not the only one who’s disappointed when they run their tongues.
Still, we must remember they support our home,
And when away, they help our reputation grow.
We must begin to accept their lies
In order to not receive judgemental eyes.

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