May 31, 2017

I'm who I was born to be

I was told what to wear and how to act

I couldn't be what I wasn't 

I kept my secert hidden for years because half the time I lied to myself

I tried to pretend to be happy for who and what I was but I couldn't

Deep inside I knew I wanted to be someone different

I didn't want to be me or what I was set to be

I wanted to be someone else

Someone who is the exact opposite of me

When I told someone dear to me

They completely misunderstood

I didn't just want to look like the different person

I wanted to be the different person

Not just look th part

I'm afraid to tell the woman who raised me

I'm afraid to tell the man who wanted me to be what he dreamed of

I'm afraid to let everyone down

And I'm afraid to tell the truth

Am I supposed to bite my lip and ignore what I want?

Or am I really meant to be what I want?

I'm confused, I'm afraid, an I feel alone

They don't understand

Or so I feel they don't

How can I be the same as everyone else

When I'm nothing more than different? 

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