May 31, 2017
By Anonymous

her heart was once full of joy and happiness
and then one day, it become empty
her eyes lost their sparkle
and this became a part of who she was

she walks through the halls, with a smile on her face
everyone thinks she's perfectly fine
but that smile is just covering up how she feels on the inside

on the inside, her heart is falling apart
that boy she thought she had a chance with, he broke her heart
that group of friends she thought she was close with, they hardly talk to her anymore
and she can’t do anything about it, because her life is supposed to be perfect
that test she thought she was going to ace, she failed
that game she needed to play really well in, she did the complete opposite
all of these components affected how she viewed herself, and how much she thought she was worth

she can’t express her feelings, or else she’ll be judged by everyone
in this society, we are told to express our true feelings, but when we do, we are arbitrated by the ones who we least expect

all of those different emotions bundle up inside of her, until she can’t handle them anymore

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