Philosophical haze

May 31, 2017

My breath is heavy
By the second my words are envy
The mind I posses
The things I say, infest
My clarity is gone
Nothing like dawn
But a light shows
The things I hid, but I know
The rights from the wrong
The s*** I smoke from a bong
My air is clouded
My rhymes already started
I say can you see with eyes that are blind
Of course, its all in the mind
Open it and you can see far
My words are in par
With my eyes closed
Oh s***, dozed
Laugh it up
With the s*** I say,sup
Dont give a frown
Cause we goin to town
And its a party
Make this bit rowdy
So with influence in the end
Till you truly trust yourself
To put it on your shelf
So make your brain fill
With one simple word, chill

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