My Identity

May 26, 2017
By , Hayward, CA

I am a Latino teen attending a more or less
poor school  In a very diverse city.
The heart of the bay as it has earned it’s name
for being at the center of the San Francisco Bay.
Hayward is where you will find all of the color spectrum.
From the largest nation to the smallest island.
Being tan here you don’t feel left out.
Being a straight average male I don’t run into much trouble.
Being the minority here is the majority.
With all of the presidential talk it’s quite advantageous
at the moment right now
being the smaller group is good
because our voices are being heard
and I have no problem with that.
White people are the target
If they even so much as speak about a race
without a representative they are ridiculed
while I can still speak freely without a concern in the world.
So being a tan dude is pretty chill right now.

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