Love the Earth

May 26, 2017
By sooah_ BRONZE, Cypress, California
sooah_ BRONZE, Cypress, California
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Each time you crunch into a crimson-red apple bursting with juices and flavors,
The next time you go to the mall and buy a new outfit,
Every time you go somewhere during your vacation
Have you ever wondered where all these things came from?

They all point to:
Mother Earth

But with all these gifts and more she bestowed upon us humans,
What do we do in return?

We cruelly slaughter innocent animals for our pleasure and amusement
We poison the precious oxygenated air with toxic chemicals
We destroy perfectly-balanced environments, causing chaos
We carelessly squander Nature´s resources, thinking they are infinite
We bring about unhealthy changes to the climate
We cause animals and plants to be unnaturally sick due to our distressing activity
We think that all of our actions help to improve ourselves

But no

We are sadly and deeply in error
As we demolish our perfectly-made environment,
We are essentially destroying ourselves
So instead of doing evil things,
Be kind and compassionate to others
Make peace with one another instead of causing fights
Be conservative and don´t waste materials
Help in every way possible to aid those who are in need
With everyone showing love to each other
Including this wonderful Earth we live in,
All of us will live in a much better place

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