When will you notice her?

May 26, 2017

She did love him. She loved him so much that she couldn't breathe. He consumed her whole being, and that's why she let him treat her like the way he did. She doesn't know what what he got out of destroying her from time after time, but she hopes that he doesn't put anyone else through what she went through. She waited for him, she gave him chance after chance and he left her with every last damn thing she had and he took everything from her without a care in the world. She tried to hang on, because she thought he was worth it, but one day she just stopped caring and waiting. She didn't want want to hear " I miss you" anymore. Although, she hoped that he f***ing missed her. Once she said that she would give him her last breath to him to say that he missed her. She hopes he's so f***ing happy. She hopes that he feels like every last breath is being sucked out of him, and that he will realisze what he gave up. Because she gave him everything in the world and she kept fighting long after she should have stopped. She doesn't deserve that. She just wanted him to love her. She wanted him to see all that she was doing for him and all that she was willing to give up to have him. She wanted to save him. She spent days and nights planning how she could show him that she was " The one." She even thought if she fought for him that he would apperciate her more. The sad reality was that she was fooling herself because everything she did was for nothing. He didn't love her and he would never love her. He would never see her worth because he just saw her as a peson he could just rely on and destroy from time to time. He would never apperciate her for the woman she was, and would never know what he missed out on either, and that is okay.....

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