She Once Loved A Monster

May 26, 2017

He doesn't see the beauty in her. He never took the time to stop and see the beauty within her. He's like a drop of poison running through her veins. He gives her nothing but his darkness and his hurtful lies. He doesn't intend to change but she keeps telling herself that she can fix him, knowing he's been this way for a long, long time and she knows that she can't change him. He completely drained her with his negativity and injected his hurtful lies within into her veins. She was left questioning her self worth. She walked around with self pity and at war with her body everyday. She tried to scrub his lies off of her dead skin. Her mental state has been completely shaken to it's core like an earthquake. She doesn't know who she is anymore. She sits there and cries waiting for the monster to comeback, knowing that he won't change, but he is all she has. She is completely emotionally broken down, emotionally destroyed, and her heart is neglected in which she gave to him. He can do nothing, say nothing, shes tired of the lies he injects in her veins and the games he plays with her head. He wants her back but she is so mentally destoryed and getting over the emotional wreck that he put her through. He screams in pain and cuts his wrists as he tries to call her to get her back but she doesn' answer. He will never get over her. She sits in her room as her lights up with a missed call from him.  She didn't answer because she is finally over the lies and pain that he put her through. She is no longer afraid of monsters, because she once loved one.

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