Golden Girl

May 26, 2017
By stmilona BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
stmilona BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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No one would have guessed that it was her
The girl that never wanted to wake up in the morning
Or the girl that slowly lost her joy for her most exquisite passions
Everyone thought that she was the girl that had it all
Boys wanted to date her and girls envied to be her
Everyone thought they knew her
They thought they knew the golden girl
But what they didn’t know was that inside
She was slowly
Day by day
Losing herself
For the entertainment of others
She felt like their doll
Their toy that they can toss around
And manipulate however they’d like
When in reality she was like every human
She was glass
And at one point or another
If messed with enough
Glass breaks

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