Black and Blue

May 28, 2017
By Gracefully_Written BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Gracefully_Written BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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A bullet hits the chest
Of an innocent man
Guilty only in the cold eyes
Of the shooter
Blinded by the melanin
In his skin
The shooter says
I thought this
I needed to protect that
Nothing but excuses
Coming from the mouth
Of the true criminal

An innocent man dies again
Yet nothing is done
Heroes dressed in blue
Turn to villains covered in red
The blood of their victims
Not even staining their reputation
“Justice needs to be served”
Random users post 3 times a day
What’s facebook going to mean
To a bunch of oblivious white men
Whose life has never been dictated
By the color of their skin
Never knowing the pain
That was never asked for
Confusing inference with instinct
Believing cliches, not circumstances
Saying “not all of us are like that”
And “it’s not our fault”
But when your job is to serve justice
Why are the white criminals
Who killed the black men
Regarded as mistaken
Rather than murderers

The author's comments:

I need not explain what this poem is about.

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