wistful thinking

May 28, 2017
By Anonymous

what's the point of holding on when you'll be forced to let go

what's thepoint of keeping up when after all you know

you'll be pryed apart once more

left with immense feelings of sore

it won't make a difference

 the result is worthless

we all are left with nothing 

in the end you'll see

but the journey is the special piece

maybe my efforts won't pay off

but I'll have memories to keep

maybe it's all just a dream

a figment of my imagination

the trick of my mind

that I have yet to understand

 but at least I got a chance

to have my fantasy wonderland

The author's comments:

Even if you know there's a 99% chance of failing, why NOT fail? The journey towards failure builds character and makes you the strongest version of yourself. don't just do nothing. so fail, if you cannot achieve.

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