Glass Doll

May 27, 2017

My Grandma used to keep a glass doll in her room,
I was fascinated by it.
She never let me touch it,
Fearful that my childish ways would harm it,
Let it crack.
One day I did touch it.
The sparkling doll fell out of my hand,
And shattered.

Devastation filled the air with the lost of a beloved item.
I learned that i'm untrustable around breakable items.
I was a child when I shattered it, but the broken face of the crystallized beauty still haunts my memories ever since.

Then I met you.

The human form of the doll,
Porcelain skin in place of shimmering transparencies,
Features that look like they were carved by the most renown artist.
A glass angel you are,
The slightest touch could shatter you.
If my grandma was here she would tell me not to crack you,
Break you,
Harm you.
Never let you go.
I won't.
I won't shatter you like I did too that doll,
I won't break you,
I won't smudge you.
You're my chance to make up for the past.
You my glass doll.
I won't harm you.

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