Am I Too Late?

May 27, 2017

Am I too late?
Broken boards and windows surround us.
I was wrong,
Guilty and defined by my flaws.
That’s behind me,
Forgotten and locked away,
Hidden for the everlasting moment of us,
If there is an us.
Are you still here?
Or are you lost like everything else,
Demolished from my being.
You're not a lost piece of history,
Still in the grasp of being remembered,
But too far gone to have meaning in the eyes of others.
Except for the ones who truly care,
Who knows your deepest understanding,
The impact you had on the past,
Have on the present,
Bring for the future.
So close to being forgotten forever,
Pushing yourself in the direction of being hidden,
Hidden treasure buried deep underground,
Not wanting to be found,
But the lust of being rediscovered,
Too beautiful and stunning for the naked eye.
Too perfect,
Too deserving,
Too far gone from me.
Am I too late to love you again?

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