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May 27, 2017
By Caz1355 SILVER, Dena, Other
Caz1355 SILVER, Dena, Other
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Come wind, come rain your face will always look the same-
For memories have no winter, no weather, no weary
Life shall continue to remain a mystery but
I shall treasure that which I now know is fleeting
As lifes negatives are not worth repeating

It takes a beacon to show the way in the midst of the darkness
Just as it takes suffering to show hope
Those who make it through a day of pain shall see the pleasure
As in every ending there is an element of treasure

Death is not to be feared my darling
For sometimes it is better to let those in pain seek their rest
As at the very least those with the biggest hearts have earnt that peace
Afterall in the duvet of memories there can be no crease

I cannot promise for pain to be temporary
As there are somethings that cannot be
But take comfort in the truth that each day although can be captured, it cannot be the same
After all each photograph comes with a new frame

Tis a sad truth my dear I may not survive the year
To me is no matter when I know I had your care
There can be no fear for destiny’s predestination
For that’s to waste the beauty in our time togethers creation

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