Galloping Beast

May 23, 2017
By SammiT232 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
SammiT232 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Her eyes are dark
midnight skies,
overlooking a field of
luscious green grass.

As she gallops,
dust clouds of dirt
accumulate around her
like a force of nature,
as she grinds her
powerful hooves in
the plush soiled Earth.

A wave of heat pulses
through my body
as I place my hand
on her muscled built chest.

When the bleeding sunlight
reaches her soft silken coat,
she is the color of
dark chocolate
that has melted in
the spotlight of the sun.

In another life,
she is an immortal goddess,
ruling all creatures
big and small.

Never will her beauty diminish,
she leaves an imprint on
anyone with just one glance.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this poem because I volunteer with many horses on my free time. This one specific horse, has a unique personality and beauty to her that she almost seems mystical.

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