Secrets of a McDonald's Cashier

May 22, 2017
By ethanw BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
ethanw BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Seth hands the customer his change,
the green bills are stacked neatly on his hand.
The customer mutters something and walks over to get his drink.
The brown Diet Coke pours into the customer’s large cup.
Seth sighs as he glances at the clock,
At least he only has to be under the Golden Arches for 15 more minutes.
Seth’s manager walks over as he slides his lime green phone into his pocket.
Time to clean the bathrooms.
Seth carries over a mop and cleaning supplies into the Men's bathroom.
Once inside he finds a treat, someone didn't make it fully to the toilet,
Brown matter is splattered all of the floor.
Seth looks at the golden walls and thinks to himself,
“I need to find a new job.”

En route
Seth Nongrab slides into his red 2017 Porsche 911 turbo.
He puts it into gear and zooms away from the restaurant.
The windows are down,
anything to get rid of that putrid smell from the bathroom.
As he drives to his mansion in Barrington,
Seth floors the pedal and hopes not to see the red and blue behind him. 
The dark black sky eerily looms above him,
As if something bad is meant to happen that night.
His pulls into his three-car garage,
Parking in between his blue Lamborghini Aventador and his black Ferrari 458.

Seth walks inside his house,
And he places his keys into a brown bowl.
As he sits down on the couch,
A golden chandelier flickers on above him, turned on by sensors.
His co-workers never understood why someone so wealthy chose to work,
Especially at a place like McDonald’s.
Seth pondered the customers of the day as he typed on his laptop.
Soon, a list of names is formed.
Seth Nongrab, heir to the Saudi Aramco oil company,
Grabs a machete and heads out,
Determined to make a clean kill that night.

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