May 26, 2017

  Thank you for letting me grow roots

so that you could be the storm that

riped me away from the earth that

i grew so comfortable to.

Thanks for letting me walk 1,000

miles just for you to wash it away

like foot print in the sand when the

tide comes in

   for treating my life like dandy line

fluff blowing it away on a wish for

a fresh start that alway turned out

to be roten and expired.

thank you for the place in my heart

that is numb to the pain you caused

the numbness sproted long ago like

 the rootless tree that i am but this

tree did not bring life only bitterness

leaving fruit that is left untoched, unwanted.

thank you for the poison tunge

that lashed out others who did not

deserve my anger

for not just giving me armor but

but spikes as if i was broken

glasse and anyone how tried

to pick up would cut themselves

thank you for the empty promese

you gave ''this time ill stay'',

''ill be their'', ''i promise'' but its

not your fault you did not know of

the pain you caused every time you

recited your list. but it dose not

matter now , i am numb.

  you did know of the scar

on my tounge every time

i held my words in.

thank you for the thred of

pain i con sew together to

make this poem.

  but i dont thank you for the

fact that i ant hait you because

every time i look at you i see a

broken mirro i see me i rlise no

one was able to fix you ethier and

im sorry but if let you back in to my

heart the pice of me that is left unbitter

will be gone

i will be left




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