Living In Violence

May 26, 2017
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When the violence gone stop
Every time that body drop
The crying won’t stop
Moms putting their 2 year old sons and daughters 6 feet under

Then I start to wonder
What’s the real problem
Why everybody gotta go straight to the guns
What happened to going straight to the corner and saying there lame ol’ puns

Kids can’t even be kids now where they do that at
They can’t even go outside without they moms worrying where they at
Every time you turn on the news at least a kid or two been shot
Man that ain’t  news that’s just was just another kid trying to get the other kid of the block

And that’s just to get the gangs attention to show them how they really rock
Everybody on the block trying to milly rock
Gangs trying to figure out when they gone get they next stock

Gay is the new word that a lot people like say
I guess freedom of speech makes it ok
No that’s not okay what do you expect me to say
People can express they feelings any ol’ type of way

People getting famous over night
Do y'all think that’s right
What about the people that’s worked they whole life just to get to the mic
Then that’s when they want to start these fights

Boys pull up ya pants
How do y’all expect to get a job
Do you think that that y'all can just run round in y'all lame ol’ mobs
To be honest all y'all just really need stop
And go get the mop cause you ain’t even got a job

Females cover ya selves up
You look easy enough for a so called man to ease on up
Then wanna cry when a n***a decide to leave you
but look how dress you just making yourself look just like rest

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