Where I Am From

May 26, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from the smartphone, from Samsung and LG
I am from the busyness and noisiness,
time going fast, and people trying to catch it
I am from the rose of Sharon, the national flower of South Korea
that is very hard to find there
I am from intimacy and efforts of  Byeong-Su Kim
my grandfather that I have never met who escaped from North Korea for freedom
I am from suffering and sufferance
trying to survive among plenty of talented, successful and judgemental people
From courtesy and wariness
I am from Christianity
which teaches love is the best
I am from Suwon, the second fastest internet speed city in the world,
From Korean BBQ, and Kimchi, food that represents Korea
From Japanese occupation, Korean War, and the IMF
I am from people rising from poverty to wealth, being taught by their example to survive
I am from Seoul, Korea.
The capital of Korea,
the representation of my shameful and proud country,
a place that remembers and reminds all the adversities
a place that makes people feel both lonely and hopeful

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