What They Face...

June 1, 2017

Mexican immigrants traveled from afar to be here
Can you hear them cheer?
They have finally made it
And now you want them to split,
Split away from the United States

Instead of dividing,
we should be uniting!

The bright yellow sun was beating them down
While trying to get to this town
They are exploding trying to figure it out,
Figure out how they could survive in a place they didn’t
know anything about

Scared to relax on their front lawn
Because they feel like they are breaking the law
Just by being there,
Without actually doing wrong

People judge them by their clothing,
their skin color,
or the way they talk

People don’t even know what they have been through
The problems they’re facing
They are always pacing,
Pacing back and forth
Hoping on God that they will finally get a high paying job

Crossing the border during day & night
Well it’s tough,
But when they finally get across, they are in love
They say “Ya llegue” and “Gracias Dios por alumbrar mi camino”
Knowing that they are across they feel like they have won all the money from a casino

They see yellow knowing they are finally away,
Away from the darkness that was hunting them
And now they’re in a better place,
Which would be the USA

The yellow represents God to these mexican immigrants
As well as hope and faith
The yellow represents the happiness that was brought to them as they arrived to this new place
The yellow represents the opportunities they came for
They are no longer in a war

But this is what is happening
They came here to get away from the suffering
But they still get it and they are still living it
Each and every day

Out in public they get called these brutal names
Names that people shoot and aim
They cause these burning red flames
The thing is,
Some people just see it as games

These people have gone through a lot
Through the desert that was just,
Just so hot
They went through nights,
Nights that were too cold
Mothers with their children
Not being able to have a thick and soft blanket to unfold

People need to understand that words hurt
Words and phrases that they suddenly blurt
They burn through their minds like fire
It’s not easy for them to let these words roll down like tires

It needs to stop.

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musical_ash117 said...
Jun. 5 at 11:39 am
This is such an awesome poem I love it!!!!! So proud of you Evelyn!!!!!
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