Happy Birthday

June 1, 2017
By mercie952 BRONZE, Lewiston, Maine
mercie952 BRONZE, Lewiston, Maine
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For the past three years
I’ve cried on my birthday
I could not stop the tears
As they fell on that Thursday

I could not let them see
To see all of the doubt
That was inside of me
One day I promised I would let it out

My goal was self-love
And to relieve my sad soul
Of all the pressures from above
And to once again feel whole

Slowly, I learned
Myself I had to love first
That was the value that I yearned
And from then on, nothing could be worse

I recognized my traits
Of compassion and kindness
They would lead me to all that awaits
To heal the world of its blindness

My values were silent no more
As I found my strong mind
And its ability to kick through a door
Yet still comfort others by being kind

Finally, I laughed a real laugh
And I felt it in my bones
I no longer felt like a half
But a woman capable of thrones

Self-love has struck my mind
And lifted me in a way
I do not fear that I’ll fall behind
Because this year, I did not cry on my birthday

The author's comments:

This was something I wrote just after I had recovered from a very rough time in my life. I hope you are able to see my transformation through what I have written, and I hope it can inspire others to grow and better themselves as I did.

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