June 1, 2017

I am brittle and weak
Shivering atop a mountain of jagged rock
Every step sends pain through my body
My souls bleed with every attempt to try
And I fall,
for it is not worth fighting a battle you cannot win
My hands bound with frayed rope,
My eyes blinded by the excruciating incapability
To process the horrid feeling that someone is approaching
And when I open my sky eyes
The shadow cast from you is blanketing my body
I reach for your apparition
Placing the last of my effort towards the need for you
But you walked away
Left me in a world of darkness
To peer at you through a tampered glass
Leaving me to await
For the day one may bind my scarred hands
seal my swollen eyes
And kiss my parched lips
For me to embark on an endless journey
To return to the once beautiful girl you knew
And only then will you come back
For the beauty from within
Is not nearly enough for you to see past
My battle wounds
Of nightmares left by men like you

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