June 1, 2017
By Anonymous


black lips on red,

her name is always running through my head,

i wanna hold her hand,

i hold my pillow instead.

in my heart,

there's all kinds of commotion.

drunk on her love potion.

gonna see her even if i end up dead,

cause she's the humming in the morning,

the freshly squeezed orange juice,

the one i wanna wake up to.

she's my baby,

she's my muse.

she's everything i want,

and everything i can't lose.

i would fight the gods if it were for her happiness.

i don't wanna worry about what'll happen next.

wanna savour her while i can.

hers is all that i am.

in my head there's a traffic jam,

every which way is blocked by images of her face,

her name will be on my grave,

"cause of death: a heart implosion"

she's my sun,

my wind,

my ocean.

sweetheart, you've got all my devotion.

The author's comments:

it is abt my gf

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