"Gag Me With a Spoon"

June 1, 2017
By CakeAhLin BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
CakeAhLin BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
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Imagine a world with big, frizzy hair
A world of lively colors, and roller rinks
A world where nobody, and everybody seemed to care
Where leg warmers are worn along with heavy blinks
Five words are said
When someone acts like a loon
The recipient of those words would like to be dead
When they shout “Gag me with a spoon”
Now these words may seem okay at first
But when you listen they’re not
For your family would feel cursed
And the person would be caught
Their trial would likely be seen on TV
And if it’s on TV, it’d likely be watched
Because they just took crime up a notch 

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