Four Ways of Looking into a Mirror

May 31, 2017
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Pulled from a pocket
A purse
A Pack

A clam without a pearl
A bulge of beauty
Once the flaws are covered

Magnifies the blemishes
The cracked lips
And broken skin

Exposed on a Compact

2. Full-length
Full Body
Full Inspection
Top to Bottom Reflection

Do the shoes match
Does the outfit go
Should the hair be tied up

Judging dressing rooms
Bad-lit bedrooms
Outfits and personalities picked

By the images in the Full-length

3. Fun House
Stretched out
Smushed up

Surrounded by the same
Haunting image
Can’t escape

Tortured by the pictures
The standards
The expectations

“Big- Boned”
Or just “Skin and Bone”

Mesmerized by the mirage
From the Fun House

4. Rearview
Back up
Turn around


Head forward
Eyes on the glass
Looking to the past

Instructed to look
To take your eyes off the road ahead
For safety lies with what is behind

In the Rearview

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