Always You

May 31, 2017
By Anonymous

I hate you.
I hate the way your smile
slithers into my brain,
bringing with it a drug for happiness
I am unfortunately immune to.

I hate the way you use me
my Arms
my Legs
my Torso
my Soul
for your own benefit,
yet you say it helps me.

I despise your gaze
and the way it turns every
living being into a hunter,
pointing their rifles at your heart.

I hate your lies.
You pretend the world is at peace
when there is a war being fought
in your mind.

I hate your existence.
Every time I observe a picture
you poison its beauty with your features,
plaguing its reflective surface.

I hate you.
You sicken me.
I want to destroy every piece of you,
but that would mean
we’d fall to Hell just the same.

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