May 31, 2017
By , Deerfield, OH

How can I explain the depth of my gratitude

for true strengths of which I was so unaware.

How cam I explain the flaw in my attitude

the spawn of emotions I just couldn't share.

My fear overpowered the instinct whithin

resulting in behavior so reactionary.

It hauled my ability to begin

to trust, a rise simply too scary.

Despite that doubt and ugly mistrust

somehow a gift was given my soul.

That met my depression with unmasked discgust

a teacher arrived to make clear goal.

Honesty is a dsh best served cold.

If a loved one has lost their way,

when that mind in misery will not be told.

Each tomorrow is a brand new day.

My teacher fights with unmatched skill

and struggles beside me up every steep hill.

She will not allow self pitty or doubt,

but allows the growth of my own inner will.

to conquer my demons and experience that thrill

that a growing spirt cannot thrive without.

How can I define this gift,

my teacher.

For her and with her I'll fight 'till the end.

How can I define each incredible feature?

She is personification of friend.

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