May 31, 2017

Why lie?
To make it seem that you are relatable,
By telling a small fable.
Why spy?
To know who is at the other end of the cable,
When the frayed rope is not able.
Why tie?
To make a connection,
One that is inseparable.
Why fly?
To reach new heights,
when the ground is not yet stable.

Why sigh?
To express disdain,
Without citing a refrain.
Why die?
To reunite with loved ones past,
Like the one who took a swig of life all too fast.
Why shy?
To avoid threat,
Like approaching the ones you have not met.

Why see?
To experience the kiss of nature,
And take a mental picture.
Why fee?
To receive a trivial amount,
If that is what really counts.
Why be?
To change the world,
Or curl into a little ball, all furled.

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