May 30, 2017
By katelynrescheske SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
katelynrescheske SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Like clockwork,
we twist and turn,
never stopping,
never changing course.
Only do we ring,
when the hand turns to its worst.

Like a pounding storm
we stain the baby blue sky with darkness,
losing innocence,
wondering why.

Like this lightning storm
we rage through the night,
shining our iridescent glowing light
Eager to spread our contagion,
the lead contaminated water,
to every source of life.

Like a falling leaf
we flit and fleet.
Falling gently to the whisk of the wind-
twirling in all directions,
landing at our final destinations.

When the bears crawl into hibernation,
to where we decompose below,
under the winter snow,
finally reborn again into the spring.

Like a river after a storm
we push through our thoughts.
We defy that gravity
that unconsciously pulls us down
since the moment our mother planted a kiss
upon our crown.

Like a lonely star on a starry night
we are only pointed out at our final plight.
Only can we be noticed before we explode.
Only are we acknowledged when beside another-
Unless you are the almighty north star.
You are just a speck of light in the sky-
no less, no more
with the fate to die.

As humans defying the cycle is nearly impossible.
We can only swim upstream for so long
until our arms grow weak and fall asleep.
We can only tease our hair so much;
until it breaks,
and falls into pieces.
We can always jump up high,
but the ground will always greet with a grin

So we shall keep going,
with nature - our foe,
Until one day,
when life begins to slow.
Then forevermore we will be unknown,
our existence becoming whole.

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