Now I Know

May 30, 2017
By Braylee BRONZE, Coal Valley, Illinois
Braylee BRONZE, Coal Valley, Illinois
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Live Life To The Fullest

I was once told to kill myself
I was stupid then and I listened
But I failed
Couple days ago I was told again
This time it was by a friend
This time I didn't listen

Well not to her
I listened to the people that stopped me
To the people that made me believe that I am worth something
To the people that truly showed they cared
To people that showed me they are real
To people that want me to be in theirs lives longer

But I learned something or somethings
I learned who my true friends are
I learned how people actually feel about me
I learned who is staying with and who isn’t
I learned who are real and who are fake
I learned to not listen to bullies

I learned, I listened, and now I know

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