The storm

May 30, 2017

Clouds begin to cover the sun that shines on her heart,
When he tells her his mind has started to fall apart,
The air feels colder,
as his eyes become a shade of green darker,
She craves her safe place,
Knowing what she is about to face.

His words become wicked winds that make it hard for her to breath,
She tells herself she needs to leave,
But instead searches for an airway,
Avoiding the fact that her emotions are turning to skies of grey,
Because he tells her, to stay, to wait, and to be brave.

She stands there while darting rain drops fall from her eyes,
As she feels the tornado in her head going clock-wise,
The sickness in her stomach roars of thunder,
right after the lighting flash of memories stun her.

This storm of sadness,
Causes her emotions so much damage,
She tries to make herself understand,
As he holds her hand,
But the wind knocked down the power lines from her brain to her heart,
leaving her confused, in pain and torn apart.


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