The Dead

May 30, 2017

If the dead could speak, 

They would tell us

How the world is s***ty 


Life is worth living. 


They would tell us,

Life is only given once

So don't ruin what is sacred,

Try to stay strong. 


They would tell us,

Words are harmful,

So watch what you say,

Don't let jealousy 

cloud your judgment 

Or reaction. 


They would say, 

The world goes around, 

But some things

Are needed to be seen 

In order to understand 

What you are living for,

Life isn't pointless.


They would say, 

Follow your dreams, 

Because one day

You won't have a chance

To do anything.


They would say, 

Don't sleep through moments,

Because one day you will be gone, 

Having a really deep nap,

So enjoy the moments

And don't let them

Pass by. 

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