May 30, 2017
By laurennicolich BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
laurennicolich BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
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Exiting the bus, seeing the other team warming up
Dressed in long pants that hug the cleats feet, too big maroon jersey
As the coach assigns positions, players running out to the field
Surrounded in brown sand next to a white base waiting for the play to start
The ball gets hit to you
You fumble but quickly step on the base
3 outs and its time to hit the ball
Nervous that you will mess up and strike out
Are my hands on the right part of bat?
You see your mom and dad in stands cheering for you to hit the ball
Focusing on the pitcher’s hand waiting for her to release the ball 
You crush the ball down third base
Running fast like a cheetah, your heart beating out of your chest
Round to third base and stop.
The crowd roars with excitement while you realize that you are now winning the game
You go back and forth to your positions until it is tied and there are two outs
The crowds depending on you
Miss the ball; everyone is disappointed
Hit the ball; you are the new mvp
Will you hit it?
A fast pitch comes in and you miss
Everyone goes silent while the other team goes crazy
You walk away from the plate holding in tears
The games over and the other teams wins
All the fans are silent and you feel like going home and crying because your mad at your self and think that everyone will be mad at you
Your coach stops you to talk
He said that you did well and just to work on technique
Leaving the field, you feel happy and want to play again
That is softball

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