The Best Color of Poetry

May 30, 2017
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I remember when
I was happy in and out of love, make sense?
I did everything for the attention, invasive,
Spoiled, I was the luckiest girl alive.
When life felt deadly
The light of your chaotic existence
Was there to protect me
Just two kids kissing so much everywhere
Laughing and dancing
Living on the edge of not struggling
The power of your love was my high
Painless, but unappreciated
We had great minds without rules or reason
Unnatural, un-peaceful, beautiful,
Crazy with excitement
My most favorite sweet memories without virtue
Rediscovering this great dream 
I could stay awhile, right here…
There is no place like home
I step back, rethink the uphill battle
I wasn’t complete anymore, I just couldn’t see it.
The reasons to love were not so clear.
Our love just stopped making a difference,
The crazy outweighed the excitement.
I spent a lifetime struggling, don’t ask!
Blessed, I discovered a smarter way
You get it?  I know you can.

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