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May 22, 2017

Rain tears glisten in the sun
dripping onto the blue bed on which I float
Scarring my figure

The wind sways me to nature's rhythm
as I peacefully rest atop the delicate spread beneath me

It is July
Almost 3 months have passed
Yet as I lay here the cool touch of the water
Only brings back memories of you

Of those winter mornings
In which we'd cuddle by the window
still in our pjs drinking hot cocoa from our santa mugs

Of those winter afternoons
In which we'd walk Maxie
Our feet leaving imprints in the pale cushion

Of those winter nights
In which I'd rest my head on your chest
And the rhythm of your heart would rock me sleep

My mind becomes heavy with sorrow
My eyes shut tight
as I soundly sink below the Earth
2 single globes of air escape my lips
deliver a faint whisper to your ear

I love you.

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