May 22, 2017
By Wyatt582 BRONZE, Madison, Georgia
Wyatt582 BRONZE, Madison, Georgia
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Okay, so… I’m a test. I know I’m a test, but what’s so bad about me? I don’t test your beauty, or your emotions, and I don’t tell you that you’ve got bubble gum in your hair because if I said that everyone would look, so why do I have to be so bad? All I’m going to do is quiz you on the “Next big Topic” every couple of weeks. It’s not like I’m trying to fail you. My best intention is that you pass, so I won’t have to come back next year and quiz you on the exact same thing because you failed me. All I ask of you is to study, but most of you don’t listen. Most of you think I’m going to write the answers on the test in advance so you can get that “Perfect 100” that you desire.

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