May 18, 2017
By , Canutillo, TX

“Honey you need to hurry up were running out of time! Please, she is leaving us!”- says mom as she sits by my side and checks my wrist for pulse. I feel a lot of pain in my chest; my heart is giving up.
I feel the medicine rush through my veins finding their way into my heart. As I think about how worried my mom looks, I see a white light, and through the light, all my memories.
“Honey! Please hurry! I don’t feel a pulse!”. “ I love you” I say as I release my last breath and I feel a chill down my spine making all the pain fade away.
The light that had showed me all my memories is now white, and I reach for it, but there is nothing there, everything is just white.
I see something dark and scary coming towards me, and I decide to run away from it but as I turn around I see a black wall and then I realize that I am surrounded by four pure black walls.
When I look down at the floor, there is no floor. Instead of floor, I see myself sitting next to mom on the back seat. She’s crying but dad isn’t speeding anymore. This time I accomplished my goal.
If I accomplished my goal, why do I feel so bad? This is what I wanted. I wanted the pain to end.
I didn’t end the pain, I ran away from it. I didn’t stop it, I just made it worse. Now, not only do I feel pain, but my parents do too.
I ran from the pain and caused more pain.
I am what I ran from.
I am a coward.

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