The Night Creeper

May 18, 2017
By , Cadiz , KY

It's like I get chased by black scary demons at night.
Sometimes when it’s bad enough they come around during the daylight.

       Nobody cares how I feel
       but you can try to guess.

These demons are taking over and eating me down to my flesh.

My body hurts, my heart is aching, my poor soul, these demons are taking.

Not to mention the haunt my family too.
They hide inside my body and stick to me like glue.

I miss my family, and I wish I could see them more, but every time i’m on my way
   the demons close the door.

These demons are good at their job, so they’re quite hard to ignore.
They get more out of my body leaving me with sores.

My sores hurt, now my body is bleeding out.
I stare at myself.
I cry, I scream, and I shout.

This poor girl is a mess. 

If you think you know what’s wrong with her take another guess.
  These demons take my pain and make it worse.
  I don’t want medicine, a therapist, or a nurse.
  If I talk to someone about my feelings my body will burst.
  I’m a complete mess, and sometimes I hate myself.
I’m like the only untold story that sits upon an old shelf, looking for some cheap thrill.                 
  Nobody understands me, and nobody ever will.

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