The Judgement Of People With Autism

May 18, 2017
By , Phoenix , AZ

I am often sad and sometimes mad when individuals judge people with autism
Adults who aren’t informed about the autism spectrum may think,
“Oh, this disability is shameful and the kids are bad,
I should criticize the child and the parents.”  
Well, those people are wrong in their thinking
The kids that are mean people can be hurtful to autism individuals. 
Most people don’t know how extraordinary those with autism can be. 
People with autism are great individuals. 
At times, the individual might act like a wildman,
drowning in a sea of stimulus. 
Wired differently than the brains of typical people
Their perspective of a situation can be alarming,
such as loud noises and too many people around them
A simple loud noise, they might cry, might set them off
Feeling trapped and paralyzed
Consider this quote; 

“You never truly know how it feels until it happens to you.  Don’t judge
Just be aware.” -Unknown.

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