Letter to a friend of the past

May 18, 2017
By grace_ingram BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
grace_ingram BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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My lips were dyed red by a sweet cherry popsicle
That froze my little sausage fingers

Chlorinated water dripped off strands of sun bleached hair
Onto my eyelashes where water still lingered

Your popsicle was purple and so was your tongue
You giggled as it stuck out at me

When we jumped back in the pool I watched your red ringlets
expand in what could have been the sea

When you’re younger every moment seems to last forever.

I knocked on your door, then ran to my bike
You knew exactly what that meant

We’d meet at the corner then ride out to town
Our knees tucked and buckled and bent

I swear I can still feel the honey muggy wind
Surround me with a wet blanket hug

It’s okay, you said as we licked up our ice cream
Then gave my curls a playful tug

The sweet treats would fill up our ten year old bellies
The bike home was always a plight

But we’d giggle and sway in a summer night dance
And by the time we reached home we felt light

When you’re younger every moment seems to last forever.

And as we got older and boys became relevant
We’d sit in my bedroom and whisper

The words floated up and around our thin frames
We’d wish that things could just be simpler

But we still had each other to lean on and live on
And we knew all these things were okay

So I pulled out a lollipop from inside my pocket
And asked if you wanted to stay

When you’re younger every moment seems to last forever.

The years kept on passing and now we’re young women
Who exist in the same giant school

But there is no more swimming, or bike rides, or talks
The distance could almost be cruel

I still see your hair all the way across the hall
It burns like a flaring flame

A flame of past friendships and memories not lost
Though none of it can ever be the same

And right now I’m passing you, we walk different ways
And I look up just as you do too

Your brilliant brown irises browse over me
I know you see mine shining blue

But we don’t say a thing, no smile, no nod
To relieve the tension of failure

The failure to hold on to something so precious
Taken by childish behavior

You let your eyes flicker away from my face
And my heart plays a sick game of Twister

I walk to my class and start to take notes,
Still mourning the loss of my soul-sister

I’m older now, but that moment seemed to last forever.

The author's comments:

Grace is a creative writing student in high school. She enjoys writing poetry and drawing in her free time. This piece was inspired by a former friendship of her childhood.

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