The Beauty You Cannot See

May 18, 2017

Many saw her as a flower petal
She is soft,
she is vivid,
she looks like summertime happiness,
but she is only part of the flower
and this is because the rest of her that makes her so incredible
can not be seen with the eyes.
Her other petals are there
and obvious as the first if you get to know her,
but most people don’t,
and so she appears as a single flower petal.
To many, this fraction of her beauty is enough.
I hope that if you ever meet a human like her,
you see her for all of her petals,
and her thorns too.
I hope you see her blooming the longer you know her because
that is what she will do,
that is who she is.
Allow her the grace of being more than how she appears
and allow yourself the privilege
to be absolutely overwhelmed by the radiance
of knowing someone who is filled with the light
of every star in the universe.

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