Through my eyes

May 18, 2017
By Madyy8810 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Madyy8810 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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The vast sky
watches me walk back and forth.
It has been at least six months
since we have moved into this wooded house
with a blue gravel driveway
that springs around the center of a little garden.
It’s a clear, warm April day.
Now and then you will see cars pass our house
but it’s quiet.
You can only hear the sounds
of birds chirping, and the bees buzzing.
The wind
is relaxing but walking in the shade
only making it colder.
The air smells of grass and nature;
a fresh smell.
A smell that only if you take time
and relax you will be able to smell.
The Baby is inside
and the little kids are riding bikes,
enjoying nature.
I remember when I was that age;
riding bike with all of my neighborhood friends.
Only it’s just them,
brother and sister.
At their age I was mostly too myself.
A shy girl
with an imagination.
I felt like the sun was giving me light
to throw energy to creatures in the forest
and the wind was telling me where to go
for adventures.
Nothing could take over a beautiful day.
It makes me want to go back in time
and relive it.
Now that we get older,
we start losing the imagination.
We aren’t ready for what is to come.
No more childlike imaginations.
We have more responsibilities.
Everyone goes through this point called life,
But my experience
is through my own eyes.

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