May 18, 2017
By DestinySanders BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
DestinySanders BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
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A hot day
The sun shining so bright,
No one can find shade.

A hot day,
Makes me want to swim in a pool,
To feel some relief.

A beaming sun,
Painful but fun,       
Allows me to enjoy snowballs under the shade.     

A beaming sun,          
Starts the day,
But by nighttime the sun will rest, and the moon will come.

This hot day has brought a light into my life, which has brought me some relief.
The beaming sun has has brought pain into my life, which has brought me sweet treats.
And although the day did not start off perfect, the moon rescued me from my despair and gained all of my love.

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