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May 18, 2017
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faze rug

faze rug is the best youtuber that exists this is a story about him

Boozley pooped in my bed! Mama rug screamed and then Faze rug ran there and cleaned it up.
Then he got an idea he was going to vlog so he grabbed his Camera and called his brother  Brawadis and his friend Anthony. They were going to do a 24 hour challenge at the haunted bridge. The challenge is to try to stay there in 24 hours.

They took the BMW i8 and drove to the bridge. When they arrived at the bridge they got out of the BMW i8 and heard something. They ran there to check what it was it was only a bird so they continued to go up. They came to the top and packed up their stuff and put up a tent and fell asleep
and then they heared something it was the wind THE END.

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