Puppets' Tears

May 18, 2017
By Undeafened BRONZE, ., New Jersey
Undeafened BRONZE, ., New Jersey
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Swaying, swaying,

Left and right,

our motions stiff

but we can't comply.


Strings, strings

Up high here,

Tightening our souls

They are everywhere 


Flopping, dropping,

Here and there

We're limp from all

The tears and wears


Loose buttons,

Raggedy dolls,

we're stuffed with wool

But we're far from full


Staring, staring,

Back at them

They gave us life

Yet far from lively


Hiding, hiding

By the shelves

Racking up dust

And waiting for him


We wish, We wish

We are somebody

No one's puppet

Not a life-time


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