May 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Roses are read violets are blue

this is what i think to do 

when im waiting for Stew

Stew whom you probably never knew 

Is my friend till the very end

He is always nice, and has a confidence amount that is right

I text stew when im sad because I know he will make me feel anything but bad

Stew was always there, even if it meant pulling out his hair 

Always active with the community, I swear he never did anything brutily

But oh Stew, how I wish I knew

I never asked Stew, how are you?

Or is there anything I can do for you?

So when Stew was quite, reserved, I became concerned

Stew still being Stew didn't want to pour all of what he calls his ''bores'' onto me 

But as Stew kept bottling it all it, he just couldn't win 

Stew called and said I needed you, which was something knew

I didn't know what to do

But then I said let me act like Stew

Crying and crying, I was hoping he was lying 

Stew went deep into his heart and mind and let out all his problems

As Stew would do I tried to help with the porblems and help him find solutions

And I listened till the tears stopped, and till he felt he let out all his heavy rock thoughts

Surrounding myself with a Stew, I leanred when I didn't mean to

I knew how to act from him, and I think Stew has so much more to him then i may knew

Lesson be, learn to be great like those who are great, like my friend name Stew. 

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