My Mother's Mantra

May 17, 2017
By ninaberkowitz BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
ninaberkowitz BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
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Pick your towel up from the floor and hang it in the bathroom to dry; take your dirty clothes off your bed and bring them to the laundry room; clean your room every night before you go to sleep, clean it extra well on Thursday nights as the cleaning ladies come the next morning; Clean my room? Aren’t they called the cleaning ladies for a reason?; put your phone down and go do your homework, Instagram can wait; stop saying the work is too hard and that you cannot do it because you know you can; when you are done with your own homework go help your brother study for his Geometry test; remove your makeup and wash your face before bed; go to sleep earlier and try to sleep late the next morning, I promise you nothing interesting is happening at the crack of dawn; ask yourself if you are actually hungry or just bored; rule of thumb- water, water, water, it is so important to stay hydrated; start to slow down when you see a stop sign or red light in the distance rather than doing it abruptly; stand tall in pictures, you are the shortest one nine times out of ten; be a great role model for your brother, campers, and the kids you babysit, they watch you closer than you think; be true to yourself and keep it real, no one likes a phony; stand up for what you believe in; be a leader, not a follower; do whatever makes you happy, no one else’s opinion of you matters;  I learned that it is okay to dance to the beat of your own drum;  this is how to conquer the world with your head held high; this is how to make a good friend, this is how to leave a bad one; this is how to hang a shirt without stretching out the collar; this is how to put together a cute outfit; this is how to accessorize; this is how to curl your hair; this is how to put in contact lenses; this is how to cook a noodle kugel to perfection; this is how to write a Thank You note; this is how to forget every piece of advice I have ever given; make it up as you go along; be spontaneous; life has no rules!

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